Multan Aptly known as the city of Peers and Shrines, Multan has these two in abundance. But this is not the only sobriquet associated with Multan, the city is believed to be the oldest surviving city in the sub-continent with its history dating back to some 4,000 years. Multan has this aura attached to the city that seers and saints had constantly frequented it. Most of them came and fell in love with the place and made Multan their home. Many tombs and mosques bear a clear testimony to this fact.

For a tourist traveling to Multan, it is a date with the Sufi culture. Historical monuments that include the mosques and shrines form the major part of tourist attractions in Multan. Markets in Multan are another interesting places that a tourist can visit.

Multan has a number of historical monuments that take most of the time of a tourist touring Multan. Shams-e-Tabriz Shrine is a beautiful tourist attraction. The sky-blue engravings and glazed red bricks further add beauty to this monument. Shah Rukh-e-Alam Shrine is popular for its large domes. The shrine was built during the period of Tughlaq. The other place that you can visit is Sheikh Yusuf Gardez shrine, Pahladpuri Temple and Idgah Mosque.

The other monuments that you can visit on your tour to Multan are Wali Mohammad Mosque, Baqarabadi Mosque and Mosque Phulhatt. All of these mosques were built in 18th century at different point of time.

Bazaars in Multan are what add color to the city life. A visit to the bazaars in Multan is an exciting activity. Multan is popular for its embroidered clothes, earthenware pottery, wooden products and camel skinware. Multani khussa or Multani shoes is another popular item that is worth checking out.

On the cultural scene, you can enjoy various cultural programmes. Puppet shows are quite popular in Multan.


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