Karachi is the cosmopolitan city of Pakistan. The capital of the Sind Province, Karachi has come a long way from an obscure fishing village in the 18th century to a leading city bubbling with trade and commerce. Once the capital of Pakistan, Karachi today is one of the most populous cities in Pakistan. A classic mix of old and new, Karachi is wonderful tourist destination.

For a tourist traveling to Karachi, the port city is a bouquet of varying tourist sights and activities. If the city offers a wonderful opportunity for water sports, there are other places that are a delight to experience. Karachi is one of the finest cities when it comes to infrastructure. Karachi has a number of high-end hotels, wonderful restaurants and bustling markets to keep a tourist busy. The city has an international airport, which links the city with rest of the world. Karachi is often called the gateway to Pakistan.

Most tourists to the city start their tour to Karachi with a visit to Quaid-I-Azam Mausoleum-the monument dedicated to the founder of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. You can visit the exciting markets that line the streets of Karachi. Hi-tech electronic shops are something that is hard to miss when strolling through the bazaars of Karachi.

The white-marbled Defence Housing Society Mosque makes its presence felt, when it comes to architectural masterpieces in Karachi. The single dome of the mosque is probably the largest in the world. Wazir Mansion is another wonderful place that you can visit in Karachi.

Crescent BayOther places of tourist interest in Karachi include the Crescent Bay. A tour of the city zoo is another fun option in the port city. Those interested in beach activities can head to Clifton Beach and Manora Island.

Located on the east of the Arabian Sea, Karachi offers some exciting water sports options. You can enjoy water skiing, yachting and cruising on your tour to Karachi.


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