Takht-i-BahiTakht-I-Bahi is another exciting historical site that you can visit on your tour to Pakistan. Located about 80 kilometres from Peshawar, Takht-I-Bahi has ruins of an ancient Buddhist monastery atop a hill.

A French officer General Court in the court of Maharaja Ranjit Singh first mentioned about Takht-I-Bahi in 1836. The monastery is believed to date back to the 2nd or 3rd century AD. Takht-I-Bahi is an impressive Buddhist Monastery in Pakistan. The site has rectangular court and the small shrines that surround the stupa-court. The shrines are classical example of fine design and architecture. The hill offers magnificent views of the surrounding area.

The site is a great source of information on Buddhism and the way of life people here used to follow. The site is an excellent example of brilliant planning and scientific architecture. Song Yun, a Chinese pilgrim, who visited the region, describes Takht-I-Bahi.

Excavations of the site have unearthed a number of building blocks like the courtyard, the main stupa, assembly hall and the low level chambers.

It is a wonderful experience to tour Takht-I-Bahi. A tour to Takht-I-Bahi is not only about history. The tour also offers a wonderful opportunity to know and understand the culture of the region.


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