Rohtas Fort

Rohtas FortPakistan is home to some of the magnificent historical sites in the world. There are a number of historical monuments that tourists love to explore. Rohtas Fort is one such monument that attracts tourists to its impregnable fold.

Rohtas Fort is also known as Qila Rohtas and it is located about 109 kilometres from Rawalpindi. Built by Sher Shah Suri after his defeat against Humayun in 1541, Rohtas Fort has survived the attack of centuries of storms and rains. The walls of the fort stretch to more than four kilometres. The fort is a perfect example of the Muslim military architecture.

A symbol of power and determination of its builder, Rohtas Fort is an excellent example of the military astuteness of Sher Shah Suri, who ruled India between 1540-45 AD. About six kilometres in perimeter, the fort is surrounded by a massive wall, which has 12 gates. The highlight of the fort is its 69 bastions. The bastions served twin purpose as they strengthened the wall and also lent a touch of elegance to the fort.

Some of the gates of the fort are in good condition. The gates are a fine example of architecture. At one point in history, the fort used to house thousands of people.

Rohtas Fort can be approached from Rawalpindi or Islamabad. From the main highway one has to turn right at Deena. Deena is a bus stop as well as the railway station. A visit to Rohtas Fort should be avoided during rainy season.


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