K2Pakistan is home to various high rise peaks, K-2 is the highest mountain peak in Pakistan. With the height of 8,611 metres, K-2 towers all other mountains in the country. This high rise mountain in the Karakoram Range is referred to as Chogori in local parlance. Chogori is a Balti word, which means 'king of mountains'.

The mountain is situated on the Pak-China border and lies in the Karakoram Range of mountains. To scale the mountain one can use the traditional and more reliable route that passes through Skardu. Skardu is a small hilly town in the north of Pakistan, which is well connected by road and air link with Islamabad. You can take the Shigar-Dassu-Askole route from Skardu to scale the K-2.

The expedition led by J. L. Eckenstein in 1902 was perhaps the first organised expedition to explore the various routes to K-2 Mountain. Though the expedition did not scale the K-2, it gathered some useful data that helped mountaineers in later years. Two members of the expedition were successfully reached to a height of 6,523 metres.

In the later years K-2 witnessed many ascents and today the peak has been climbed from all the sides. But the adventure lovers every now and then try to take a new and different route to conqueror the mountain.


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