Deosai National park

Deosai National park Pakistan is home to some exotic flora and fauna in the Indian sub continent. The wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Pakistan offer some exciting wildlife tour options. Deosai National Park is one such wonderful national park that offers exciting opportunities for wildlife viewing.

Deosai National Park is a wonderful summer escape. The park is not only about wildlife but also about stunning scenic views of the snow-clad mountains and streams. The park remains wrapped in the white sheet of snow from November to May and it is only in the summer months one gets an opportunity to visit the park. The park can be reached from Astore Valley in the west and Skardu in the north.

Deosai National Park is popular for the Himalayan brown bear, which is an endangered species. Deosai National Park is also home to a number of other wild animals that include red fox, golden marmot, Sind ibex, wolf, the Ladakh urial, and the snow leopard. The Deosai National Park is also home to a number of avian species, which include lammagier vulture, griffon vulture, the golden eagle, peregrine falcon, laggar falcon, kestrel, the snow cock and Indian sparrow hawk.


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