Broad Peak

Broad PeakPakistan is home to some highest and beautiful mountains in the world. If the K-2 leads in height, there are other peaks, which are not far behind in height and beauty. Broad Peak is one such beautiful peak in Pakistan with the height of 8,047 metres.

The local name of the peak is Faichan Kangri. Broad Peak is named 'broad' due its breadth at the summit. Perhaps, it was in 1954 that the first attempt to climb the Broad Peak was made by Dr. Karl M. Herligkoffer of West Germany, which was not successful.

The successful attempt to conqueror the peak was done in 1957, when an Austrian expedition led by Marcus Schmuck scaled the mountain. But it was not an easy ascent, as, when the members of the expedition were ready to embrace the summit in the last leg of their expedition, they were forced to return due to storm. However on June 9, 1957 Marcus Schmuck, Fritz Wintersteller, Kurt Diemberger and Hermann Buhl reached the summit.


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